Get to Know Michelle

An obstacle turned into an Opportunity

When I became pregnant with my son during a pandemic, there wasn’t much prenatal support & education. I thought to myself, it’s okay, I’m a pediatric nurse and a pre/post-natal yoga instructor- I’ve got this! Then came my challenging post-partum experience….

While I didn’t know much about being a mother, I knew I wanted to breastfeed my child. From the start my son had difficulty latching, which quickly led to many other obstacles- jaundice, difficulty gaining weight, reflux and the list goes on. My dream of breastfeeding quickly stated to dwindle. Between sore nipples, breastfeeding with a poor latch, pumping, syringe feeding, endless screaming & feeds that lasted up to 45  minutes long- no one was getting much sleep!

When we went to our one week follow-up visit, I explained that what we were doing wasn’t sustainable. However, our son was gaining weight, so the provider didn’t see an issue with our current methods. I left the office in tears, I never felt so dismissed, unheard and helpless!  I had a maternal instinct that there was a root cause to my son’s inability to latch properly, and luckily, my husband and I trusted that feeling & kept searching for answers. 

After meeting with a lactation consultant, were advised to follow up with an oral surgeon regarding tethered oral tissue, aka, tongue ties. This advice turned out to be the root cause we had been searching for. After our son’s ties were released, our lives completely changed. With continued support and education from our lactation consultant, I was able to heal my sore nipples, breastfeed our son for two years, pump, tackle bottle refusal when returning to work & we were finally able to catch up on some much-needed rest!

This experience is my inspiration & the reason why I decided to start my journey with the mama coach. What was once an obstacle, has turned into an opportunity to help other parents that are struggling to find the answers. My goal when working with you and your family is to make you feel heard, never ignored. To turn your feeding goals into your reality. To trust that powerful motherly instinct & give yourself grace, because you are everything that your sweet baby needs. When you feel stressed, exhausted and unheard- that’s when I come in. I’ll listen attentively, assess & find a solution that works for both your family & your baby. I’ll help you fill your cup, so that everyone else can get the overflow! I’m so excited to start this journey with you. Let’s chat & start filling your cup!

Work with Michelle

The Mama Coach Mission Statement

To guide families through every stage of their parenting journey, by providing evidence informed education infused with nonjudgmental support, compassion, and empathy.

Our vision

To become a recognized global team of healthcare professionals utilizing innovative practices, and committed to improving the quality of life for families as they grow and evolve over time.

Core Values


Our job as healthcare professionals is to listen to your priorities and goals as a parent. We will walk beside you and share in your challenges and your triumphs, and we promise to support you with empathy, compassion, and respect.


As you move through your parenting journey, certain stages can feel overwhelming at times. We value creating a shared community, online and in our cities, where you are always welcome.

Diversity and Inclusion

We support all families — as we believe every family is completely unique and deserves access to quality support. We will continue to learn and listen, ensuring our brand is thoughtful as well as inclusive.


You can expect us to provide you with evidence informed information in a professional manner. As healthcare professionals, we will treat your family as unique, provide individual assessments, and determine the best plan of care to meet your educational needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you called The Mama Coach? Do you only help moms?

Good question!  We are called The Mama Coach because years ago, when Carrie’s first boy was very small, she often wondered out loud to herself, “Where is my Mama Coach?” and “I need a Mama Coach!”.  Carrie searched and searched for qualified support and realized there was a need for qualified support for new families. We recognize that our name can give the impression that we only serve moms, but we will continue to work and learn to ensure our messaging is clear that all people are welcome here. Parents carry a heavy load, and do it with grace.  All parents deserve support, and The Mama Coach is the answer you’ve been searching for.

We do not just support moms — we help ALL people.  All are welcome here, and we are committed to providing you with quality support, no matter your gender or family dynamic.  As we learned in nursing school, your family is who YOU say they are.

Are all of your programs Evidence Informed? What does that mean exactly?

Yes.  As Registered Nurses, we have years of training on where to access credible guidelines and information. All of our programming is based on extensive research from credible sources.

How do you manage my information? Is it secure?

As Registered Nurses, it is our professional obligation to manage client records and confidential information properly.  We use an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that is compliant throughout North America.  Even though we share the same brand, we are all independent Registered Nurses with our own private practices. As such, we each have our own EMR that is private and secure. We do not share EMR or client information between one another without consent.

Will your services be covered under private insurance?

Often they are — the answer largely depends on where you live and what your private insurance covers.  For example, in Canada, our services are covered under ‘Lactation’, ‘Registered Nurse Services’ or ‘Health Spending Accounts’.  In the United States our services can be covered as well, through HSA or FSAs.  Reach out to me for more information.